Branches Floral - Black - Michigan - Greeting Card

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Although greeting cards are usually given on special occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, or other holidays, such as Mother’s Day, they are also sent to convey thanks or express other feelings. A greeting card expresses all the human emotions, joy, thanks, sympathy, humor, love, and admiration!! Choose between a variety of designs, each card includes a Kraft envelope and protective clear sleeve.

 Key Features:

  • Each card is made with a high-quality linen paper card stock for extra durability. Each card is professionally made in detail vibrant colors and lively elegant fonts with no smudges.
  • Each Card is evenly folded, each envelope flap uses high-quality glue with easy closing in a few seconds.
  • Plenty of room to write your thoughts and messages for your loved ones and make them feel special.
  • Double hit with non-toxic ink makes these cards pop with vibrant color! While other note cards are thin and have a cheap, glossy finish.
  • Our note cards are crafted with thick soft paper that will not smudge with any pen type, including a pencil. You can see and feel the textured paper when you pick up our cards, and you'll never see a fingerprint remain when you set them down.
  • It can be the best way to share your thoughts with your loved ones on special occasions like Birthdays, Christmases, Easters, New Years, Wedding Ceremonies, Engagements, Anniversaries, and many other events.

  • Made of High Quality, Durable Linen paper card stock.
  • Comes in a multiple different Designs.

Not just for Birthdays, Christmas or any other classic everyday holiday, these Greeting Cards can be used to express human emotions, such as Joy, thanks, sympathy and love. Made with the finest high quality card stock paper, this card leaves you plenty of room to write that special message or thank you without any smudges, not even from a “lefty!” Each card is evenly folded and comes with a very strong glue sealed envelope providing easy closing with just a little water. Finally be able to tell that couple “Congratulations!” Or celebrate the eldest sibling  getting that Promotion with these vibrant Greeting Cards.